Dippin' Dots to Expand, Create 28 More Jobs
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Paducah-based ice cream producer Dippin' Dots will be expanding its operation with a $3.3 million investment that is expected to create up to 28 full-time jobs.

Dippin' Dots plans to purchase a 6,000-square-foot building near its current operation on Industrial Drive, and the space will include a new manufacturing floor, freezers, office and storage space. Company leaders expect the expansion to be operational at some point in 2020.

"We are excited about this opportunity to expand our portfolio of products and services to industries outside our core products," said Stan Jones, chief development officer at Dippin' Dots. "This opportunity provides diversity in our portfolio and will continue to provide additional growth opportunities for our company and the region."

Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless said the company has been a reliable local business over the years.

"Dippin’ Dots is a staple business in Paducah and the region. Their continued innovation is inspiring, and we are proud they choose to call Paducah home,” Mayor Harless said. “This expansion is exciting, and I look forward to watching the growth of Dippin’ Dots for years to come.”

In a press release that included the details, Governor Matt Bevin said, "Dippin' Dots has become an iconic brand within the ice cream industry, and we are proud they have built their brand from here in Kentucky over the past 30-plus years. We congratulate Dippin' Dots and the Paducah region on this latest expansion, and we look forward to many more years of sweet success."

To encourage the investment and job growth in the community, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority in July preliminarily approved the company for tax incentives up to $600,000 through the Kentucky Business Investment program. The performance-based incentive allows a company to keep a portion of the new tax revenue it generates over the agreement term through corporate income tax credits and wage assessments by meeting job and investment targets.

Dippin' Dots, headquartered in Paducah since its inception in 1991, was founded by microbiologist Curt Jones and specializes in unconventional ice cream that first gained popularity at amusement parks throughout the US and, by the mid-1990s, Japan. The company now operates locations across the US, with products available in more than 100 shopping center and store locations and more than 1,000 amusement parks, stadiums, arenas, movie theaters and other entertainment venues.

Published 12:00 PM, Monday Aug. 05, 2019
Updated 09:36 PM, Tuesday Aug. 06, 2019

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