Bryant Sentenced for Animal Cruelty
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - A man who plead guilty to animal cruelty in October received his sentence on Wednesday. 

According to the McCracken County Circuit Court Clerk, Jayce Bryant received the recommended sentence of 2-1/2 years in prison. Judge Tony Kitchen also ordered Bryant to pay $1,329.30 in restitution to the McCracken County Humane Society, which housed the dog and coordinated its treatment and recovery. 

The dog, which was named, "Hero," at the Humane Society, had been found with its snout taped shut, resulting in serious injuries. Bryant was arrested May 2 by McCracken County Sheriff's Deputies and charged with torture of a dog or cat resulting in serious injury. 

Bryant told deputies the six-to-nine-month-old puppy bit him, and that is why he taped its snout and legs. He reportedly intended to remove the tape before releasing the dog, but it managed to free its legs and run away in the area of Rice Springs and Woodville Roads. 

Hero also suffered a broken tail, requiring a partial amputation, but he has fully recovered and been adopted. 

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Published 09:28 PM, Thursday Dec. 05, 2019
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