Barkley Regional Airport Ending Stopovers
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MCCRACKEN COUNTY - A new contract between Skywest and Barkley Regional Airport beginning in February, will put an end to flight stopovers in Cape Girardeau.

In the previous contract, Skywest had been providing three daily trips from Barkley to Chicago, one of which included a stopover in Cape Girardeau. Under the new contract that becomes active beginning in February, Skywest will put an end to the stop in Cape Girardeau and the third flight.

Barkley Regional Airport Authority board President George Bray spoke with West Kentucky Star about the changes, saying, "What we found out was that travelers did not like the stopovers. The flight between Paducah and Cape Girardeau is about 10 or 12 minutes, so you would get on a flight, go to Cape, then you would sit there for 45 minutes or an hour, then you would go on to Chicago. Travelers did not like that."

Bray says that with the new contract the issue is resolved by adjusting some of the flight times, and removing the flight that would get stopped over in Cape Girardeau.

In the end, Bray believes this will better serve those traveling through Barkley, and shared his excitement towards those changes as well as other projects going on with Barkley, "There's a lot of positive things going on at Barkley Regional. We're working on a new terminal and the future is bright." Bray continued, "There's a lot of exciting things going on out there, and the board and management of the airport are always looking to make improvements in any way that we can."

You can learn more about the projects at the link below.

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Published 01:50 AM, Friday Nov. 08, 2019
Updated 09:21 PM, Friday Nov. 08, 2019

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