Alleged Prostitution Discovered in Paducah
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH, KY - McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden says that fourteen people are under arrest after his department received information this week that prostitution has been occurring in and around Paducah.

Hayden says an undercover investigation was conducted over a three-day period, and that two of those taken into custody are juveniles.
On July 17, just after 7:30 pm, a 17-year-old female agreed to meet an undercover officer at a motel and negotiated a sex act with him for $400. The act was to include another 17-year-old female, who was located in the parking lot. That girl was reportedly in the company of two adult males who were allegedly aiding and assisting the juveniles in the prostitution. The two men were arrested and charged with promoting prostitution. Marijuana was also discovered in the vehicle.

Both girls allegedly involved in the incident were released to their parents.

Arrested in connection to the incident were 19-year-old Dakota G. Brunck of Harvest, Alabama. He is charged with promoting prostitution and possession of marijuana. Also arrested was 21-year-old Raymond D. Moore of Cape Girardeau, who is charged with promoting prostitution.

The investigation continued as detectives began receiving calls and texts from cell phones seized from the juveniles from men allegedly wanting to hire them for sex.

Hayden says that, just after 1 am on July 18, detectives arrested 56-year-old Richard K. Purcell Jr. of Boaz, Ky. for allegedly arranging to have sex with one of the juvenile females for $80. He was charged with solicitation to prostitution. 

During the investigation, detectives learned of an online classified website where women reportedly post advertisements regarding payment for sexual favors. Using the website, detectives made contact with 28-year-old Samantha K. Seward of Prairie Creek, Indiana, who allegedly met an undercover officer for sex in a motel in Paducah. She reportedly began negotiating with the officer, but changed her mind and began to leave. Seward was detained and found to be in possession of marijuana.

Using the same website, undercover detectives report making contact with 22-year-old Guled Farah of Mayfield, who had allegely arranged to have sex with one of the juveniles for $150. He is charged with solicitation to prostitution.

Just before 11 pm on July 18, detectives say 39-year-old Christopher M. McWaters of Lone Oak, identified as the pimp for the two juveniles, allegedly arranged to meet them for sex for $60. He is charged with solicitation to prostitution and promoting prostitution. 

Then, shortly before midnight on July 18, officers made contact with 24-year-old Lori C. Mayfield of Riverdale Georgia. She was in Paducah and had allegedly placed an ad on the same website detectives had been monitoring. An undercover officer negotiated sex with her for $250. She was arrested and charged with prostitution and possession of marijuana.  

During the arrest, detectives observed 34-year-old Kevin D. Adams of Riverdale, Georgia allegedly attempting to flee the motel parking lot. He was apprehended and taken into custody, charged with promoting prostitution.

Shortly after midnight on July 19, contact was made with 26-year-old Angela R. Harris of Charleston, Missouri, who allegedly agreed to a sex act in a Paducah motel for $150. She arrived at the motel and was arrested.

At about the same time, 59-year-old Eddie M. Moore of Boaz, Ky arrived at the motel and allegedly agreed to pay $125 dollars for sex. He was arrested and charged with solicitation to prostitution.

Just after 2 pm on July 19, 44-year-old Jeff Hayden of Lone Oak allegedly contacted an undercover sheriff's detective and agreed to pay $100 for sex with her. He reportedly arrived at the agreed upon motel and was arrested, charged with solicitation to prostitution.

Finally, just before 3 pm on July 19, 30-year-old Marcus Brown of Metropolis arrived at the motel after allegedly agreeing to have sex with an undercover detective. He was taken into custody as well.

McCracken Sheriff Jon Hayden says that everyone arrested was lodged in the McCracken County Regional Jail, adding that many have already entered a guilty plea in McCracken District Court.

Hayden says "this type of activity in our area is not welcome...and the Sheriff's Department will continue to monitor these websites and hopes that media attention will be a deterrent to others who engage in these types of illegal activities."

Published 08:09 PM, Thursday Jul. 19, 2012
Updated 12:39 PM, Saturday Jul. 21, 2012

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