Wilson: Hickman County 'Poorly Served' by PDHD
By Tim Brockwell
CLINTON - Hickman County Judge-Executive Kenny Wilson has penned a letter to Purchase District Public Health Director Kent Koster, expressing frustration with how his county has been served by the Purchase District Health Department.

Wilson says in the letter that Hickman County residents have been "poorly served" by the Hickman County Health Center in Clinton. He cites limited hours of operation and a lack of communication with staff among issues that prompted the letter.

"The Hickman County Health Center opens two random days a week without notice to the public.  In addition, calling the location often proves pointless for residents seeking information as there is no one available to return their calls," Wilson writes. "These circumstances pose a health risk to our residents, many of whom could greatly benefit from consistent care. The fact this situation continues during a worldwide pandemic, and with an agency who is supposed to be on the front lines of our community’s response, only furthers our county’s frustration."

Wilson called the healthcare provided by the PDHD "sub-par", saying Hickman County residents should be getting better care.

"We believe that you have enough resources to improve the sub-par healthcare you currently provide to Hickman County.  Our residents are taxed at a rate of 3.2% and our county contributes enough to the Purchase District Health Department to receive more consistent care than we have now." Wilson said.

Wilson told West Kentucky Star Thursday morning the county's residents expect to get something for their tax money, saying the county may pull out of the Purchase District if things don't improve. 

"We ought to be getting some services for the tax dollars we pay," He said. "I understand we're a small county, and we're the smallest county in the Purchase District. But our people are just as important as the people in other counties." 

West Kentucky Star reached out to Koster Thursday. He said he has no comment, as he has not yet received Wilson's letter.

An image of the full letter is attached to this story.

Published 10:52 AM, Thursday Jul. 30, 2020
Updated 08:38 AM, Friday Jul. 31, 2020



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