MCCH CEO: July 4th Weekend Caused Spike in Cases
By West Kentucky Star Staff
MURRAY - Murray Calloway County Hospital CEO Jerry Penner said Wednesday that July 4th holiday gatherings are the cause of a recent increase in positive cases of COVID-19 in Calloway County.

In a Facebook post, Penner said, "I've heard people say that we are having more positives because the hospital is testing more. That is false."

According to Penner, during the first four months of the pandemic from March through July 16, Calloway County had 116 confirmed cases. However, in the last 20 days, the number has grown by over 90 cases. 

"You can draw your own conclusions on how that happened," Penner posted.

He also shared that between March and July the county had one person pass away due to the virus, but in the past 30 days they have experienced four more deaths.

Penner urged county residents to continue to take precautions to keep families and coworkers safe.

You can see the full Facebook post below.

Published 07:23 PM, Wednesday Aug. 05, 2020
Updated 04:21 PM, Thursday Aug. 06, 2020



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