First Breast Milk Depot to Open in Mayfield
By WestKyStar Staff
MAYFIELD - Jackson Purchase Medical Center in Mayfield has partnered with The Milk Bank to open the area’s first milk depot, a breast milk donation site to provide premature and fragile infants with complete nutrition. 

A grand opening ceremony for the hospital milk depot will be held on Thursday, Jan. 24 from 3-3:30 pm at the Jackson Purchase Medical Center, in the New Beginnings Birthing Center Lobby.  
This site is the eighth milk depot location in Kentucky. The Milk Bank has similar depots across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. Approved donor mothers can drop off frozen, surplus breast milk at the hospital’s New Beginnings Birthing Center. 

The milk is transported to The Milk Bank in Indianapolis to be pasteurized and distributed to NICUs and outpatient families throughout Kentucky and the Midwest.

Ideal candidates for milk donors are non-smoking women in good general health who take limited or no medications and herbal supplements. For clarification on eligibility, contact The Milk Bank at 877-829-7470 or visit

Published 10:00 AM, Sunday Jan. 20, 2019
Updated 02:11 PM, Sunday Jan. 20, 2019

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