'The Parlor' Won't Reopen, Owner Hopes to Sell
By West Kentucky Star Staff
LONE OAK - The owner of a restaurant that has been a staple in Lone Oak for over 35 years is looking for someone to carry on the tradition.

Tommy and Cyndi Morreau opened The Parlor in 1984 and it has been run in recent years by their son, Ryan. It has been a local favorite for many, serving homemade crackers, sandwiches, pizza and pasta, salads and ice cream, and eventually installed a pizza and salad buffet. 

The restaurant closed in March due to the pandemic, and had not reopened yet, which caused worry for some of their fans on Facebook. In a post on Monday, Tommy Morreau said the family has reached the difficult decision to stop running the business. 

He said, "Our hope is to pass that mantle to a new family, with the hope that it will bless them in the many ways it has our family."

Morreau thanked everyone for the opportunity to play a small part in their lives by hosting celebrations for some, hiring others for their first job, or by being a familiar, friendly place to enjoy a meal.

He said, "The challenges have been frequent, but far outweighed by the blessings. One of the most cherished has been the opportunity to be a beacon of hope through sharing our faith in the Lord we serve."

Morreau asked that people share their news, so that, "the perfect family or individual to build on the legacy," can be found. 

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Published 05:48 PM, Monday Jul. 13, 2020
Updated 08:37 PM, Tuesday Jul. 14, 2020



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