See BUGS! Exhibit at Discovery Park of America
By West Kentucky Star Staff
UNION CITY, TN - Feast your eyes on bugs that are almost 100x their size in a traveling exhibit called BUGS! at Discovery Park of America through the first week of January.

The creatures come alive through animatronics. Guests can experience what it would be like if a grasshopper were as big as a school bus, and even see a giant lady bug.

The exhibit is open from 10 am until 5 pm in the ATA Traveling Exhibit Hall. Admission is $5 per student, $6 for members, or $7 for nonmembers (in addition to general park admission).

On the Net:

BUGS! page at Discovery Park website

Published 10:55 AM, Friday Oct. 13, 2017
Updated 11:08 AM, Friday Oct. 13, 2017