'Light Up' Paducah! Dogwoods Are Blooming
By WestKyStar Staff
PADUCAH - "Now's the time to pull out your spotlights and highlight your blooming plants in support of those who are on the front lines fighting to keep the rest of us safe. You might even include a green light or two, as suggested by our Governor," according to Dogwood Trail committee member Dabney Haugh.    

Paducah Civic Beautification Board encourages Paducah to light your dogwoods, blooming trees, front doors and American flags for Wednesday's opening of the 56th Annual Dogwood Trail.

Dogwood Trail Chairman Jackie Smith said, "Celebrating the resilience and beauty of the dogwood tree seems fitting while we as a city face the challenges of COVID-19. We ask that our community light their dogwood trees, landscaping and most importantly their American Flags, to celebrate our traditions and patriotism." 

As a show of unity, the prize money this year will be donated to Community Kitchen to help those most in need at this time. Next year we will resume awarding prizes to our best on and off the trail. Thank you to Paducah Power for graciously sponsoring this years Dogwood Trail."

The Dogwood Trail is marked with signs leading walkers, bikers and drivers throughout Paducah-from neighborhood to neighborhood. Viewers can enter the trail at any point and signs will signal you when to turn. If no signs, just follow the road you are on until a sign appears. 

More details and map are linked below.

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56th Annual Dogwood Trail Info

Published 04:10 PM, Saturday Apr. 04, 2020
Updated 10:30 AM, Sunday Apr. 05, 2020



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