The Simple Truth Behind Weight Loss
By traci lawrence

The simple truth behind weight loss 

Losing weight is simple.  I said simple not easy. Keep in mind that it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound, so that means to lose a pound you have to burn 3500 calories.  Sounds tough doesn’t it, but if you break that into seven days its pretty doable. This means you need to create a 500 calorie deficit per day. This can be done by walking briskly for 45 minutes and reducing your soda intake by one, or go to an aerobic class and cutting your pizza intake down from four pieces to two.  Next eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary.  Listen to the first part of that word DIE.  Why?  Its better to develop a healthy life style and nutritious eating plan that you can follow for life.  If a diet helps you lose weight, but you gain it all back because you can’t stick with it and be healthier for life, then why waste your time? Last of all start using positive affirmations, instead of saying I can’t have any chocolate or I can’t eat any sweets, start saying I am making healthy choices, everything I eat or drink is going to benefit my body right now and in the future. Remember there is only one take care of you.

Now listen and listen good. Carbohydrates don’t make you fat!!! Write that down somewhere and repeat it often. Case in point, who gets a higher percentage of carbohydrates from their food than most persons?  Runners and other endurance athletes.  How often do you see an obese runner or cyclist? You may say “well, that’s because they are so active” Exactly, and carbohydrates are the best source of fuel available for them to be so active. The popular low and no carbohydrate diets have led many people to wrongly avoid carbohydrates, but the human body actually needs them. Carbohydrates provide the body with B vitamins, fuel, fiber and they also help with proper organ function. There are however different types of carbohydrates. They are classified as simple or complex. Some examples of simple carbohydrates are soda, candy, pastries, white bread, white rice and other highly processed foods.  These simple carbs raise the blood sugar quickly and are digested quickly. Numerous studies have shown that this relates to excessive calorie consumption.  Complex carbs, like oats, whole wheat bread, beans and vegetables on the other hand are less processed, and have a slower and gentler affect on blood sugar levels.  They also take longer to digest and are higher in fiber, both of which help you feel full longer.

Another advantage of taking in adequate amounts of carbohydrates is that complex carbohydrates fill you up. Get this! Broccoli is a carbohydrate and so are apples and peaches.  But people don’t worry about these foods causing them to gain weight. Lets do a simple calorie count to see why.  A Snickers candy bar (my favorite that is why I’m mentioning it) has 240 calories.  I can down one in no time and greatly anticipate another one. OR I can eat four (3) peaches for the same mount of calories, and get more water, vitamins and fiber than I get in the Snickers. Most of us wouldn’t eat three peaches or want to, some could eat two and a few might eat 3, but they would fill you up more than a Snickers bar. Now lets double that. Two Snickers equal 480 calories, but I would have to eat 6 peaches to get that many calories, I would have to take in 19 cups or almost 5 bags of frozen broccoli to get the same amount of calories that are contained in two candy bars or in one 20 Oz. bottle of soda. 

So now that we know that carbohydrates don’t make us fat, I think it’s just as important to mention the fact that fat doesn’t make you fat!!!…Consuming too many calories on a regular basis is what makes you fat!!! Very few foods in and of themselves are innately bad.  It is the amount of the food we consume and how we prepare or top it.  Some foods are more valuable and offer greater health benefits, but ultimately controlling your weight comes down to the simple process of burning more than you take in.

When you begin the lifetime journey towards wellness, try to think of food like you do money.  You have a certain amount of calories/money you can spend and still maintain or reach a healthy weight/budget. Some choices are valuable and high in vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and will benefit you for a long time.  Some food choices taste good for now, but don’t have much to offer in the long run.  Just like financial choices

Next time you feel like reaching for that extra piece of cake, doughnut or extra large order of fries think of you car. Would you keep trying to put gas into your car when the tank is full? No, because you know it would just be wasted by being spilled onto the ground.  Extra food is waste to our bodies and just ends up wasted on our hips, thighs, abdomens or double chins.

There is no trick to weight loss, and it can be a very difficult task.  But ultimately to lose weight you MUST burn more than you take it.

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Published 09:00 AM, Friday Apr. 22, 2016
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