Lymphedema Therapy Now Offered at Lourdes
By WestKyStar & Lourdes Staff
PADUCAH, KY - Lourdes now offers lymphedema therapy for patients experiencing lymphedema due to cancer treatment, surgery, wounds or trauma. Meredith Ehrenheim recently became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). 

Lymphedema is a swelling, typically in the arms or legs, which is caused by a trauma, injury or surgery that involved the lymphatic system.
“Individuals who have been treated for cancer are at risk for lymphedema,” says Dr. Daniel Howard, Mercy General Surgery. “Lymphedema can cause swelling in the body region where lymph nodes were removed, which can cause pain and limited function.” 

The condition can develop within weeks, or it may be years before the symptoms first appear. Symptoms can include feeling as though your clothes or jewelry are too tight, a feeling of fullness in your arms or legs, and less flexibility in your wrists, hands and ankles usually during cancer treatment. 

“Lymphedema is a lifelong condition,” says Meredith Ehrenheim, Certified Lymphedema Therapist. “We’re looking forward to reducing symptoms quickly and providing support services long term and improving our patients’ quality of life. We’ll be treating patients with hands-on therapy, compression and exercise to help decrease swelling and pain.” 

Patients experiencing these symptoms can talk with their physician regarding a referral to our lymphedema specialist, or for more information, call Lourdes Outpatient Rehab at 270-444-2850.

Published 07:16 PM, Monday Mar. 05, 2018
Updated 07:19 PM, Monday Mar. 05, 2018

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