Prizer Point 5k Color Run

CADIZ - The Prizer Point 5k Color Run will be May 18th at 11 am. 

Pre-race activities start at 9 am. Registration is $25 and children under 8 yrs old are free. Free water, oranges and bananas will be provided to runners.

Race participants will all receive a free T-shirt. Five color blast stations will be scattered along the course where volunteers will spray runners with color from head to toe.

A silent auction and a 50/50 draw will also be held, along with drawings for giveaways .

Several vendors will be set up under the pavilion selling their hand made or home made items, such as jewelry, book statues, quilts, Tupperware etc.,

Proceeds from the race and pre-reace activities will benefit KOA Care Camp, which is set up specifically for kids with cancer, including a fully trained medical staff. 

For more information, contact Prizer Point at 270-963-3387 or

Prizer Point is located at 1777 Prizer Point Road in Cadiz.

Published 12:00 AM, Thursday May. 02, 2019
Updated 03:43 PM, Thursday May. 02, 2019


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