15th Annual Arts, Crafts, and Book Fair in Clinton

CLINTON - Shoppers who are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for this Christmas season are encouraged to check out the 15th Annual Arts, Crafts, and Book Fair to be held in the Hickman County Elementary gymnasium on Saturday, November 23.   

With over 40 local artisans, authors, and other vendors, this event, sponsored by the Hickman County Arts Council, offers a wide variety of choices for unique hand-crafted items and self-authored books. 

Booths feature hand-thrown pottery, unique wall art, stunning jewelry, delicious food items, personalized clothing, exclusive home décor and much, much more.   

In addition to obtaining signed copies of any purchased books and the opportunity to savor a hearty homemade lunch, shoppers may also enjoy live performances by local musicians and purchase a copy of a new CD entitled Homegrown which features local songwriters performing their own original music.    

The Hickman County Arts, Crafts, and Book Fair is open to the public from 8:30 am -2:30 pm, and is a once-a-year fun and festive alternative to commercialized Christmas shopping!

Published 12:00 AM, Thursday Nov. 07, 2019
Updated 05:29 PM, Monday Nov. 11, 2019


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