Spring Clean Up Day for Paducah-McCracken County

PADUCAH - Spring Clean Up Day, AKA "Dump Day", will be held Saturday, April 13 for McCracken County and Paducah residents.

It's a free day to drop off household hazardous waste, e-scrap, tires, general household trash, Freon-free large appliances, ammunition, expired or no longer needed medications, batteries and light bulbs. 

It will be held at the Republic Services transfer station, 829 Burnett St. from 7 am until 2 pm.  

To maintain traffic flow, drivers are asked to enter from North 10th Street off Park Avenue. Traffic will turn right onto Burnett Street to go through the drop-off line. Traffic will not be allowed to enter from North 8th or 9th Streets. 

Household hazardous waste items, e-scrap and batteries, ammunition and prescriptions are off-loaded last in line. Please separate your items to make the trip go quicker.
All who participate must show a driver’s license to verify residency.

Published 07:30 PM, Saturday Mar. 23, 2019
Updated 07:43 PM, Saturday Mar. 23, 2019


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