"Pitch Dark in the Ballpark" at Historic Brooks Stadium

Ballparks and sunshine go hand-in-hand, and during the solar eclipse on August 21, Brooks Stadium will host "Pitch Dark at the Ballpark."

The event will feature music, food, eclipse glasses, free parking, and narration of the celestial event.

Live music will be performed by Haley Martin, Brooks Stadium's concession stands will be open, and you'll get a description of what's happening in the sky from Bristol Broadcasting's meteorologist Lew Jetton.

Those who attend can sit in the stands at historic Brooks Stadium, or bring a blanket and sit on the baseball field. Gates will open at 11 am.

Partial eclipse will start just before noon, with 2 minutes and 21 seconds of totality beginning at 1:22 pm.

Tickets are $15 and include parking and eclipse glasses. Click the link below to buy tickets in advance.

The event is sponsored by Bristol Broadcasting, which owns WestKentuckyStar.com

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Link for tickets

Published 12:00 AM, Thursday Aug. 03, 2017
Updated 11:16 AM, Thursday Aug. 03, 2017



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