Dogwood Trail Bicycle Ride April 18

PADUCAH - The 2021 Dogwood Trail Bicycle Ride will take place Sunday, April 18th beginning at 2:30 pm starting from the parking lot at BikeWorld, 809 Joe Clifton Dr. in Paducah. This leisurely pedal will takers riders east to Fountain Avenue then to neighborhoods in the city's west end before ending back at BikeWorld.

The course is 11 miles with countless opportunities for riders to adjust the distance from a few blocks to a few miles to suit their wishes. The route is shared with motor vehicles (not closed to car traffic) but the streets are mostly low trafficked, many with sidewalks, marked and well signed with “Bike Route Today” notices. BikeWorld staff will ride the route on bikes to assist as needed. Should a rider encounter a mechanical or physical problem a driver in a truck will be on call to help. Masks covering the nose and mouth are required until riders are on the route and safely spaced out. Helmets are required for the duration. No entry fee.

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