Clemens Center's Exposure Series Addresses "Truth and Trust in Modern Media"

PADUCAH - WKCTC's Clemens Fine Arts Center will hosts the Exposure Series to address "Truth and Trust in Modern Media" on February 19th. The panel discussion, which is part of the center's Exposure Series, will be held at 6 pm on the second floor of WKCTC's Paducah School of Art and Design's 2D and Graphic Design Building at 905 Harrison St. in Lowertown. The event is free and open to the public.

In many ways, the rise of the Internet and social media has made things much better when it comes to being informed about the world. However, the ever-changing and growing technology may also significantly and continually alter the world's relationship with media.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College's Clemens Fine Arts Center will host a panel discussion on the trend of indifference towards the truth in modern media and how that may undermine the fundamental principle of trust in society.

"We live in the real world and truth is about how things are and what reality is like," said Todd Birdsong, Clemens Fine Arts Center director. "This panel discussion addresses the idea that if you don't know what the truth is, you are ignorant of reality. Our Exposure Series focuses on enabling audiences and artists to explore ideas about our world with an interdisciplinary and more education-based approach."

Expert panelists for the discussion will be Murray State University's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication faculty Kevin Qualls, Dr. Tim Vance, and Robert Valentine. Dr. Bob McGaughey, MSU professor and chairman emeritus of the MSU's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication will also be on the evening's panel.

For more information, visit or contact Todd Birdsong at or 270-534-3213.

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Published 07:00 AM, Sunday Feb. 10, 2019
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