Remember to Pick Up Your Orders from Cartel This Morning

PADUCAH, KY - Let the Cartel help bring your family to the table this Holiday Season!

Cartel will be setting up on Broadway in front of the historic Columbia Theatre to smoke some delicious meats for your holiday gathering.

The actual event with Cartel is on Friday night, December 22nd on Broadway in front of the Columbia Theatre as they celebrate with beer from Paducah Beer Werks and Dry Ground Brewing Company, live music from The Solid Rock'it Boosters, The Savage Radley, Chris Black & the Eagles of Unemployment, Fate McAfee and Leonard the Band and some yummy soup and sandwiches from Cartel. PRE-ORDERED meats can be picked up Saturday morning (12/23) in front of the Columbia Theatre between 8 and 11 am.

Comprised of founding members Sara Bradley, Nathan Brown, Landee Bryant-Greene, Jessi Donaldson and Patrick Fletcher along with honorary members Todd Anderson, Paul Bilak and Josh Ryan, Cartel represents a group of people invested in the community, striving to nourish it with wonderful, thoughtful food while also raising money for non-profits.

Nathan Brown, one of the founding members of Cartel says, "We're selling smoked meats for the holidays, but we are also offering a behind-the-scenes look at the meat smoking process and having a block part. We will have a stage for music, beer flowing, veggie soup and smoked bologna sandwiches-basically an overnight party. We will need people for the party Friday 12/22 and to help distribute meats and clean up Saturday 12/23."

You can be part of the festive event by volunteering your time to help in a number of ways. Check out the opportunities on Ways to Help Cartel Christmas Columbia Event link below .....

By supporting Cartel you are part of the Columbia Theatre Restoration, the project to restore an architectural treasure in downtown Paducah. Organizers appreciate your commitment to the cause and look forward to your involvement with their organization. Your generosity will enable Cartel to continue the efforts to restore the Columbia, offering architectural preservation, economic development and a much needed expansion for Maiden Alley Cinema, the region’s only non-profit cinematic art house.

You can PRE-PURCHASE yummy meats on the PREorder Cartel Smoked Meats Here link at bottom of this page.
Smoked Boston Butt $35
Traditional West Kentucky BBQ with Classic Cartel Dry Rub, mopped with Spiced Hand Pressed Hot Apple Cider Glaze.
(makes 25-30 sandwiches)

Smoked Boston Butt & 2 Loaves of Kirchhoff's Big Boy $45

Purchase a Smoked Boston Butt for donation to the Community Kitchen   $35

Scarborough Fair Smoked Turkey   $50
Whole Smoked Turkey rubbed with Amish Butter, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme. (feeds 12-15)

Cartel "Old Fashioned" Smoked Ozark Pride Ham  $70
Whole Bone-in ham, glazed with our "Old Fashioned" Glaze - Bourbon, Cranberry, Orange Peel & Spices. (feeds 18-20)

On the Net:

PREorder Cartel Smoked Meats Here
Ways to Help Cartel Christmas Columbia Event

Published 05:00 PM, Thursday Nov. 16, 2017
Updated 07:19 AM, Saturday Dec. 23, 2017


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